Qos attribute in form.yml

We’re setting up OOD on Slurm, and I had a question about adding a qos attribute to form.yml.

I noticed that script.yml allows the qos field (in 1.8 release notes). Does that imply that I need to define my own qos attribute in form.yml and explicitly set the qos option in script.yml.erb? Or is there a predefined qos form attribute that gets automagically passed to the script (similar to bc_walltime and bc_account) ?

There is no predefined attirbute for qos that I am array of. The way to understand what the example is doing is that it is appending that qos to the script/comand being submitted with a value of best which I would assume is a sane argument for that flag.

You could define more options in the form.yml.erb as you said to offer up particular choices which the user could elect for to be passed to that script stanza. The example you linked automatically passes that best with no option in the form.yml for the user to select.

Hopefully that made sense, but if you need more help please let me know.

If you’d like to see better how that script and its defined attributes are used, here’s where all this is used in ood_core at submission for slurm:

Thanks! Yes, I was just doing this:

  • In form.yml.erb:
    widget: select
    label: "Quality of Service"
      - ["embers"]
      - ["inferno"]
  • In submit.yml.erb
  qos: <%= qos %>

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