RStudio App and installing/using local packages

Regarding the implementation of RStudio via container, how does an end user make use of their locally installed packages? Any guidance, including links to general resources, will be appreciated.

~ Em


Singularity containers by default will bind home directories, so if your home directories are in /home, the default R_LIBS_USER directory should be automatically visible to the R running in the container.

Thanks, bennet – I’ll look into how to manage the R_LIBS_USER variable in the context of the container version in use. I should also become more active with the opportunity to provide more containers, as we are still using the container suggested in early days of RStudio app release.

~ Em

Be careful if you have both a module version of R and a container version of R with potentially different OSs. I change the variable to control where to look for .Renviron to have a container specific .Renviron file.