Server clone issues

I made a clone of my existing production OOD server (it’s a vmware vm) to test v3 and get ready for the migration in 3 weeks. I changed the hostname and updated ood_portal.yml then ran the update_ood_portal script. I’m able to hit the new server but it immediately generates a dex login URL that points to the original production server. I checked the ondemand-dex config.yml and it’s pointing to the right hostname. I cleared the Apache cache in /var/cache/httpd and now it bypasses ondemand-dex and gives me a 500 Internal Server error.
Is there an easy way to do this? Or should I just install from scratch?



Hey sorry for the trouble. Which OS are you using?

Are you following the upgrade instructions in the docs:

If so, did you run the ondemand-dex update as well already?

Hi Travis,
I’m running Rocky Linux 8.8. I haven’t run any updates yet, was trying to get it to work first. /etc/ood/config/ood_portal.yml is the only place I need to change the hostname, right?


Yeah, that would be where the hostname would be changed. I ask about the ondemand-dex because the docs call out that if you are using dex you will also need to update ondemand-dex and I wondered if this was what is causing your auth error.

Okay I fixed it. I had to go get a new certificate and also fix /etc/httpd/ssl.conf which was pointing to my production server. :slight_smile:

I’ll try an upgrade path tomorrow.

Thanks Travis!

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