Set multiple login nodes in Clusters


We want to set multiple login nodes at Cluster shell access, but didn’t find any instructions on how to do this? Could you provide any guidance?

Thank you very much and look forward to your reply.


We have 2 login nodes (logiin2 & login3 - don’t ask).cluster…. under a single DNS entry called login.clister…. THis effects a rround robin distribution of the incoming ocnnections be they from OOD, or ssh.

Will that do what you need?


That’s right. Most sites just have the clusters point to a DNS entry that resolves to many hosts. If you would like to specify say 1-4 nodes specifically in the Clusters drop down menu (that is you specify the hosts specifically and not the DNS entry that round robins to them) - I made this documentation ticket for that strategy. There’s another topic here on discourse where I said the same, but can’t now find it (though I only looked for a second).

But the basic premise is you define a cluster file in clusters.d that only has data for the shell applications and if you want to specific hosts, well then you just create individual files for each host.