Shell app needs password when ssh the login node

In the SHELL Access in Clusters, the web ssh needs password to log in.
But the official video shows a non-password log in.

Is needing password right? Or what should I config to ssh without password.

My Related Setting:

  • OnDemand version 2.0
  • OS version: Centos 7
  • No modification to /var/www/ood/apps/sys/shell
  • My clusters.d config:
    title: "xxxxx"
    host: ""
    adapter: "slurm"
    bin: "/usr/bin"
    conf: "/etc/slurm/slurm.conf"
    debug: true

Hi and welcome!

It’s not an Open OnDemand thing. You need to setup sshd to allow for HostbasedAuthentication and generate some key pairs. This setups some sort of trust between 2 or more servers saying “if you’ve logged into one of them, you can login to the other directly”.

Of course we use lots of automation (puppet) to manage all the key pairs and known_hosts files.

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I’m closing this as I think there’s nothing to do on our side for this.

Again if you use HostbasedAuthentication at your site it should start working for you. As it’s a bit involved, you’ll have to sort through it with your administration team on how to manage keys and security and so on.

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