Support Dashboard File Manager Plugins

I’m working on an app that involves interactively applying a transformation to some set of files. It occurred to me that I will have to re-implement a file browser GUI in my interactive app in order to do this.

A better solution would be to allow custom plugins that hook into the dashboard. I envisage there being a manifest file that adds new menu items either to the directory menu or to the file menu (circled in red)

I noticed an existing app that kind of tries to do this, but there is some ugly patching of the actual OnDemand codebase required to install it: GitHub - c3se/ood_dashboard_diskquota: OpenOndemand Dashboard App for displaying disk quota.

Thanks for the feature request. I’d suggest you open a github ticket because we tend to lose/forget about things in discourse.

That said - pull requests are also welcome. Not sure what transformations you’re looking for, so I’m not sure what we could do, but I’d be happy to evaluate any proposed changes.

Well, the first thing I want to do is to let the file browser edit Linux ACLs. Would this make sense in OnDemand core given that not all filesystems support ACLs? Also I can’t work out where the files app actually lives.

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Thanks! Yea, we already had the ticket for ACLs.

In typical ruby on rails - the controller and views are fairly straight forward to find by their name. They’re like the app/controllers/files_controller.rb and app/views/files. The models are then posix_file.rb and remote_file.rb to support local and remote files.