The variable name filter is not cached

Dear developers,

I found a very minor bug. I have a form.yml like this:

  - filter
    widget: select
    - ["A"]
    - ["B"]

After selecting “B”, I click “Launch.” Normally, the setting is cached, so when I open the same URL again, “B” would be selected, but in this case, “A” will be selected.

If I give the above variable a different name (e.g. filter2), it will work as expected. Perhaps, the variable name “filter” may be not cached.


What version did you encounter this with? I believe we should have fixed this, but there could be another issue (the object we use for encapsulating all the data must have a filter API that’s conflicting with this).


Sorry I forgot to tell you the version.
I use version 3.1.4 of OOD.

No issues. I’ll try to replicate and report back.

This is in fact a bug, which I’ll file the ticket for shortly. If you check the json cached file - filter is being serialized as another JSON object, not a string value which is very odd, so will need some investigation.

This is indeed a bug, and I’ve file this ticket for the same: Not able to use 'filter' in batch connect forms · Issue #3604 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub