To render <script src="/pun/sys/dashboard/packs/js/files-1ed568332efb98d10799.js"></script> on my app's view.html.erb file's

I want to use the Copy to clipboard feature on my app’s view. I am able to run it only when I place the on my view.html.erb file.

Is there any way we can render this global scoped js file from our other base sys app i.e. “Dashboard” app to my local app?

Hi Milson.

Thanks for the question.

I will look and see if this is doable in our current code.

We have refactored that functionality, which I believe will make what you are attempting to accomplish possible. That release will not be happening until Q1 of 2023. If you want to play around with this functionality, it can be installed. However, you will need to use our Nightly Repos.


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