Turbovnc on "rhel 8"

Hello – We are opening a cluster running RedHat 8. Turbovnc is proving more of a challenge that I can overcome at this point. Previously, with rhel7, i did a source build on the shared file system to support all the compute nodes for interactive apps. The source build is currently failing over the following:

CMake Error at java/CMakeLists.txt:49 (message):
Could not find TurboJPEG JAR file at
/opt/libjpeg-turbo/classes/turbojpeg.jar. Set TJPEG_JAR to the full
pathname of turbojpeg.jar or install the libjpeg-turbo SDK.

Advice is appreciated to satisfy the turbojpeg.jar requirement, or concerning the shared filesystem approach,

Looks like you can download that jar off of maven central. Though, what version you’d need? I can’t say off hand.


Thanks for the pointer, Jeff.

With a local jar file, I am able to continue the cmake configuration process.

The next struggle with configuring is identifying a JNI compatible libturbojpeg.so:
CMake Error at unix/vncviewer/CMakeLists.txt:85 (message):
Could not link with TurboJPEG JNI library /usr/lib64/libturbojpeg.so. This
may be because it was not built with JNI support.

I’ve got someone here to talk with about Java, so I’ll do that. But seemingly, the ‘system’ package of turbojpeg (dnf install turbojpeg) fails to generate a libturbojpeg.so satisfying the turbovnc requirement for JNI support. I know that under rhel7, turbojpeg package is required for runtime support of interactive apps. Clearly more support than I am so far providing is needed at build.

A little research suggests that the approach to the JNI libturbojpeg.so is obtained via options in the build of libjpeg-turbo: libjpeg_turbo/BUILDING.md at master · webrtc-uwp/libjpeg_turbo · GitHub

Unfortunately, an internal link in this github page is broken, so implementation details are lacking.
I’ll see what experience my colleagues have locally – happy to hear of experiences from the discourse.


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