Upgrade Apache in OpenOnDemand

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I have installed the OpenOnDemand 2.0.31 with Apache v 2.4.41 on Ubuntu 20.04.5. Due to security issues, I would like to carry out in-place upgrade the Apache from version v 2.4.41 to v2.4.54. Is it feasible for the upgrade? If so, is there anything else that I should pay attention to? (e.g. Stop OnDemand service and backup apache/ondemand configuration, etc.)

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Hello and welcome!

There shouldn’t be a problem upgrading you Apache and restarting. The relevant parts of the Apache that go with OOD are from your ood_portal.yml and that file shouldn’t be touched by the Apache upgrade.

I’d still recommend to backup the /etc/ood/config directory before the upgrade to be safe, along with the Apache configs. Make sure to stop the Ondemand service and then proceed.

After upgrading you should be able to bring things back up fine. If not try to use the backup config, or you can also just reissue the update_ood_portal command to recreate you config if needed to see if that resolves things. But I’d definitely take backups of the directories first to be safe.

Hi Travert,

Thanks for your replies !!!

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