User Home Directory Issues

Good Afternoon OSC Team,

Here with another question - this time related to the “Missing Home Directory Error”.

In an attempt to debug this issue, I commented out the line in pun_config_view.rb that checks for the home directory

    def missing_home_directory?
      #! Dir.exist?(user.dir)

With that in place, we are able to have the user log in to the system. Of course, there is an issue when attempting to actually access the home directory when clicking Files>Home Directory in the user interface.

EACCES: permission denied, scandir "$HOME"

$HOME does output the appropriate user home directory in the actual message.

My question here is, what user needs to have permission to access these directories (since it seems to be a permission issue that is causing this issue)? The apache user, or the ondemand-nginx user?

Thank you in advance!


Hey it’s the actual system user who’s logged in. I mean the unprivileged user. Your having issues using seeing your own HOME directory? That seems strange. What’s your selinux setup like? Do you see any warnings coming from it in the audit logs?


Apologies for not responding here earlier. It does, in fact, look to be an issue with out SELinux configuration.

Thanks again for all the help!



@jeff.ohrstrom and @jpuerto-psc

I am facing this issue currently on RHEL 8.5 with SELinux enabled with an RPM install of the SELinux version of OnDemand 2.0. What was the solution in setting up the SELinux configuration? Adding in the $HOME variable into the profile file does not work.

~ Joe G.

I know you have another thread but you may have to let us know the entry in your audit log.

SELinux related files are stored here: