Using ondemand -- can't enter the portal or ssh

Hi, I am trying to get to the ondemand page and it just hangs after I log-in. I can’t seem to access the page, is this normal? I also can’t ssh into the servers for some reason (it asks for password but then it just hangs). Do I need something special? Do I need a VPN or something?

Help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hello and welcome! Sorry for the trouble.

The first thing is to check your logs to figure out what is going wrong. We have some docs here that will guide you, and it sounds like the apache logs will be what you want to check since it’s authentication which sounds to be misconfigured:

What version of OOD are you using? And what OS? Do you see any ERROR or WARN entries in the logs?

Dear Travis,

Thank you, it seems to work now! I didn’t do anything but it looks like it’s fixed, thank you!

Kind regards,


Awesome! Let us know if you run into any other issues and we’re happy to help.

Just in case anyone sees this in the future - or you yourself run into this again: I would look at your LDAP as being the issue.

Since you can’t even ssh into the machine you can remove OnDemand entirely from the issue. When you ssh into the machine, it (sshd) has to send your username & password to your LDAP system to verify that you are in fact a real user and you used the correct password. LDAP then responds with all the user info like uid, gid and so on, or errors - or as in your case hangs and the actual tcp connection probably dies before it responds (if it ever does).

So, if this happens again or to anyone else - that’s where I would look. You may be able to ssh into the machine as the root user as that user is local and the machine wouldn’t have to contact LDAP. As root you can then look at logs like /var/log/messages or journalctl or similar to investigate your LDAP issues.