What's the best way to allow for a user to add a license file? Stata

Users have to provide their own license for Stata. Is there a way I can make it easier for them to add this information? Currently they’d have to run stinit in Stata or make a symbolic link from the command line once inside our Stata container. I’m wondering if someone had identified this problem and thought of a solution.

Nobody else has tried to solve this issue?

I"m not sure about Stata, but at OSC we allow clients to point to other licenses for ANSYS. You might want to take a look at our code for our ANSYS interactive app to see how we do that: GitHub - OSC/bc_osc_ansys_workbench: Batch Connect - OSC ANSYS Workbench Hopefully that helps.

Stata does not use a license server, it is a ‘single-user’ installation. The stinit command creates a file specific to that license, and Stata will run for anyone from that installation. So far as I know, if you want people to bring their own Stata license, then they will each need to install their own copy of Stata and initialize their license with it.

At our institution, we license from Stata centrally for a certain number of users, install Stata centrally, and then add people to the POSIX group that enables access to Stata. Everyone uses the same license.

I don’t know of anyway to have individuals to bring their own license to this software without also bringing their own installation.

We have it containerized the application using Docker. We download the file for each version, but a user still requires their own license. If I can use a get them to give me the path to their license, I can use a symbolic link to make it work.

FYI, we also have a centralized Stata license for a certain number of users. Here’s our Stata interactive app repo in case it’s helpful: GitHub - OSC/bc_osc_stata: Batch Connect - OSC Stata.

They still have to run stinit from a directory that, minimally, contains the stata executable.

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