Xdmod integration with Open On Demand v2.0

I’ve implemented SSO with xdmod v9.5 with Open XDMoD - Single Sign On Guide
Using simplesaml v1.19, config seems good, sanity check succeeded in simplesaml namespaceI’m using https://samltest.id/ as my idp and the 3 demo users they provide as test users.Issues seen

  1. An authenticated user (authenticated by SSO- testsaml in my case), returns to [https://<<HOST>>/simplesaml/module.php/authorize/authorize_403.php?StateId=_8fcedf035cbe68382ff72c07656790c232bbeb1852](https://xdmod.rc.uab.edu/simplesaml/module.php/authorize/authorize_403.php?StateId=_8fcedf035cbe68382ff72c07656790c232bbeb1852)[](https://xdmod.rc.uab.edu/simplesaml/module.php/authorize/authorize_403.php?StateId=_8fcedf035cbe68382ff72c07656790c232bbeb1852`)

Access forbidden: You don’t have the needed privileges to access this application. Please contact the administrator if you find this to be incorrect.

  1. Does XDMod have auto provisioning enabled, meaning for an authenticated user, would xdmod create an account itself ?

Hi sorry we haven’t seen this yet. You may follow Help setting up XDMoD 10.0 Dashboard integrated in OOD 2.0.28 and Keyclock(SAML) Single Sign On Authentication for additional information as they seem to have a similar issue.