2.1 Release timeline and Ubuntu support

There was a discussion at PEARC22 about the possibility of releasing 2.1 with Ubuntu support sooner than originally anticipated by moving some of the features into a later release. Is that something that is still being considered and if so what might the timeline for that be.

I know from this topic: Ubuntu Support that Ubuntu support is planned for the 2.1 release and it says 20.04 debs are the ones being built.

I would also like to know what versions of Ubuntu are being targeted and if there is a possibility of a backport release for 18.04. For my specific case I’m currently in the early stages of attempting an Ansible role install for an Ubuntu 18.04 based cluster and I was wondering if there would be support for this version and I could wait for the deb release.

Right now we are working towards releasing a version of OnDemand 2.0 that supports Ubuntu 20.04 packages. I will be testing to see if we can support the older Ruby 2.5 used in Ubuntu 18.04.

For OnDemand 2.1, it will support Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04. Due to the version of Ruby in Ubuntu 18.04 it will not be supported with OnDemand 2.1. OnDemand 2.1 can only support Ruby 2.7 and 3.0.

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Wanted to post an update we’ve managed to get Ubuntu 18.04 support to work with OnDemand 2.0 so the next update to OnDemand 2.0 should have Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 support.


Thank you @tdockendorf and @jeff.ohrstrom for your hard work in making this happen!

Absolutely, a huge thank you on this. I really appreciate it!

I’ll hold off on attempting an Ansible install in favor of this release.

Would something like Ruby Next let us support the Ruby version in 18.04 for Open OnDemand 2.1 without any code changes? I really don’t know how much work this would be. If it is more than a quick drop in thing with a couple tweaks I don’t see it being worth it for 2.1. Might be something to look at I suppose.

2.0 support for Ubuntu 18.04 has been released. I haven’t looked hard into ruby next or rvm, but we did put a lot of work into trying to get 2.1 on 18.04 but it didn’t really pan out. We’re still a long way away from 2.1, so that could change but I’m not that hopeful.