How to install Open OnDemand on Debian?

We would like to install Open OnDemand on our HPC cluster. Do you have an installation package for Debian? If not could I eventually install it from source, if yes how?

@selefant thanks for your interest in OnDemand. At this time we do not have packages for Debian based systems. In the last few months we have gotten an increasing amount of interest from Debian/Ubuntu sites, and are looking into what it would take to support Debian based systems. We are targeting next week to have an updated set of directions on how to install from source, those instructions will primarily be written for CentOS/RHEL7 but we will call out sections that we expect would be different for Debian/Ubuntu.

An alternative would be to run OnDemand as a containerized service. We are aware of one organization that is in the process of attempting that. If that sounds like an interesting option we do offer example Dockerfiles:

I’m happy to announce that we’ve created an Ansible role for Open Ondemand that I’ve been testing on Ubuntu Bionic.

It should be said, as it is in the README, this is still a work in progress. The runs I’ve been using last week and today produce some zombie process’. Which is to say, this install procedure is not yet production ready, not by a long shot. So, use patience and caution as we update it.