What is the best way to test on Ubuntu ? Vagrant ? Docker-compose ? Ansible galaxy ? deb packages available?


First, thank you for your great work , I had the chance to give a try on Cent/OS and this is really a great piece of software;

I would like to give a try on ubuntu boxes as I see you now support 18.04 and 20.04; However, i’m really struggling to find the right way to test it;

I think that for now, I must be installing from source. As far as I know, there is no deb repository with the deb packages. Although I was puzzled with the ondemand-packaging repository : can we make use of this repository to produce installable deb packages ?

I’ve seen an ansible role but I do not know if this one is up to date. I gave a try to it with a Vagrant but i’m struggling with installing the dependencies. I’m not completetly fluent in ansible :slight_smile:

My target is to build a Vagrant with ubuntu boxes and open on demand inside. Maybe not as well written as hpc-toolset-tutorial but something I could use to demo slurm+openondemand on ubuntu boxes.

As you say you support ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 with open ondemand, I was expecting to find somewhere pieces of code with openondemand being installed in either docker, vagrant, or … but so far I was unable to find them;

Thank you for your help;



Hi. Yes we supply .deb files to apt install. You should not have to install from the source. Both ansible and puppet support installing .deb files

Or you can do it by hand following these steps (noting which steps are apt and which are yum/dnf):


Oh ! Thank you for your quick answer and sorry for have misread the documentation ! Everything was there !

I’ll be working on my vagrant ; Thank you again;