A Problem when Modifying Desktop Form Attribute - Navigation Bar

I’m trying to modify the form attributes of the bc_desktop app as described in:

But when I do the first two steps of creating the bc_desktop directory and adding a simple yaml file with just attributes for title and cluster name as described in the first link above, the “Interactive Apps” dropdown menu disappears from the Navigation bar on my OnDemand site . So I can’t do step 3.

Any thoughts on what I might be missing? And is there any debug logs I can enable for the navigation bar and its dropdown menus?

Thank you.

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for the question. My first thought is you likely have some spaces or noise in the yaml somewhere that is getting picked up and breaking things. Can you post the raw yaml by chance?

I’ve had this same problem myself when doing some dev work and it’s almost always malformed yaml which is why that seems like the best place to start.

The other question I’d have is are the permissions on the directory correct and can ood read the files.

Lastly, for logging information about OOD be sure to check the docs!

Thank you for your response!
I am able to yamllint the file without any issues. Here is the file content:

title: "Oakley Desktop"
cluster: "test"

The permissions also seems fine as the directory and file are readable to anyone

drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root   23 Jan 30 01:19 bc_desktop
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 90 Jan 30 00:25 test.yml

Checking the logs mentioned in the link while reloading the OnDemand web page doesn’t seem to capture any relevant log message, perhaps because the Interactive App dropdown menu is not available for the user to interact with and trigger some app activity?

I set SeLinux to permissive mode while testing this, just in case it was blocking access to the files.

Do you see any issue with the above file or permissions? Is there anything else I should check or try?


Thanks for doing that!

Looking at what you have, I think I see one problem. Is there a cluster named test in your setup? There is a warning banner on the page about adding clusters with the following:

The cluster attribute above MUST match a valid cluster configuration file located underneath /etc/ood/config/clusters.d/.

Is there an actual test cluster? If so, I can look into this more but that is the next thing I’d wonder.

I had it set to the cluster name before so that it matches the cluster name specified under /etc/ood/config/clusters.d but that didn’t work. So I started changing the cluster name under bc_desktop to see if I would get something different or any error message on the web page.

Is it possible that OOD doesn’t like the cluster configuration file under cluster.d? The strange thing is that if I move the bc_desktop directory out of the way, the dropdown menu appears, and I can view the form.

Thanks for the update. Has the cluster config been used for anything else for submission? Or is this the first go for anything? If so, it could be that file, but likely not if other apps or job submissions are working.

Are you able to share information about the clusters.d directory files and their names and essential content of the one you are trying to connect to?