Active Job App not displaying jobs


so after getting everything set up (except SSL-Certification because that is the thing I wanna do at last) I do run into the problem of Active Jobs not displaying anything.

I haven’t submitted via the OOD server yet (as I currently have not set up SSL yet) but we have enough jobs running on our cluster that should be shown when using qstat.

Here my cluster config

       title: "cluster"
     host: "loginnode.***.**"
     default: true
     adapter: "sge"
#   cluster: "cluster"
     bin: "/fast/gridengine/latest/bin/lx-amd64"
#   conf: "/etc/default/gridengine"
     sge_root: "/fast/gridengine/latest"
     libdrmaa_path: "/fast/gridengine/latest/drmaa/lib/lx-amd64/"

I greatly appreciate your help on this matter.


You can look at /var/log/ondemand-nginx/$USER/error.log for the commands we’re issuing and perhaps any error you may be seeing.

If you don’t see any errors - try to replicate the same command on that server. That’s the important bit, when you’re testing these commands you should issue them from the same server where OOD is running.