Question regarding Cluster setup for OOD

Hi again,

this time I am running into a problem with the active job app.
I’ve configured the cluster file as followed:

       title: "cluster"
     host: "loginnode.***.**"
     default: true
     adapter: "sge"
     cluster: "cluster"
     bin: "/fast/gridengine/latest/bin/lx-amd64"
#    conf: "/etc/default/gridengine"
     sge_root: "/fast/gridengine/latest"
     libdrmaa_path: "/fast/gridengine/latest/drmaa/lib/lx-amd64/"

the SSH to the login node is working without issue but when I open the active job app it is completely empty for my jobs (which is understandable as I have none and also for all jobs).

Question for this case is: Does the qstat command run via the login nodes or is it a local command on the OOD server (in which case I would need to configure it as a submission host for Grid Engine)


The command will run on the OOD server so the latter is what you will need to get things going.