Ansys IDE layout

We installed the Ansys app from the github repository and tweaked it to work on our setup. It launches ok but the layout in the window is not optimal. The Ansys “window” starts a ways down the page and there is no scrolling so in order to use it a large monitor with a lot of landscape is necessary. Is there any wat to get the Ansys “window” to ;ine up with the top of the browser window?

This is the section of commands you want to look at. This bit starts up the window manager. So you want to look at xfce4 window management settings, probably to force boundaries.

A quick google search showed me this where you can edit these properties through the GUI - but I’m not sure if there’s a similar cli or configuration file option for the same. I’d wonder how to set it programmatically when you launch the job.

As an aside - the topic seemed to indicate it was a function of what else is open at that time (and maybe cursor location?). So maybe there’s something there.

Nothing else open as a new window opens when you click to launch the app.

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