GUI launches off screen

When launching one of our GUI apps, the top part of the GUI is off the top of the screen so the top part of the window is cut off and the window cannot be moved around. Is there a xy coordinate that can be set for window location? I see that there is a Maximize option when right clicking the Workspace window title. It can be enabled in Remember but is this on a per user basis? Can Maximize be automatically set when launching the app for all users?


Hi! and welcome! I don’t know if this will work, but it looks like we set this geometry -geometry 1536x780. Now this is the geometory for the VNC server itself (the desktop) so that may or may not help because it sounds like the app itself is misbehaving. I’d wonder what the behavior is in an interactive desktop, booting the program manually instead of giving it it’s own job.

In your submit.yml.erb you can change the geometry like this.

  template: vnc
  geometry: '1536x780' # here's where you can change the default

Which app is this? Maybe we can replicate here, but it seems this is an application issue, but why the desktop (or vnc) would let the window be larger than the given screen is sort of strange.

Hi, I’ve created an app for Diffusion Toolkit which requires a license file before launching. The Maximize option has been saved since I last enabled it and I can’t reproduce the cutoff window. Is there a file I can edit to remove the Maximize setting in order to test the geometry setting?

I’d bet it’s somewhere through dconf in ~/.config and you’d be able to find it with gsettings, and honestly if you found it there, then you’d be able to set it in the job start script and you could forgoe setting it in ondemand.

See if your app has a schema through gsettings list-schemas.

I added the geometry line and had a different user try it for the first time and it looks good. If it happens to anyone else, we can have them right click the workspace window title and maximize the window. Thanks.