Batch Applications


I have been testing Open OnDemand in a PoC environment, and very happy with its features.

One thing we’d like to give our users/customers is a Web Form, like you have for the Interactive Apps, but submit batch jobs. The key thing that would be missing in the widget is a file selector for input files and such. If this feature would be added, then this could work.

Use Case: A user wants to run a fluent/Abaqus, and knows the input file, and just wants the end result of the simulation. This user does not need to interact with the job at all. So as administrators, we want to set up a form that would allow people to select the input file, and create a job spec depending on the rest of the widgets, and then submit the job to the queue.

Maybe, I have missed the feature in the github issues or here. But has anything like this been discussed before?



I think what you are looking for is the Job Composer app, which is documented here:

Hi Alan,

That’s great if a person knows how to use, and understand the shell, and then can update the shell submission script for themselves. I was more looking for something, where the user doesn’t need to delve into doing anything with the batch script, and specifying things in dropdown boxes or fields on the web front end?

maybe I am not making it clear, on what I am wanting here


I think I have sense of what you are asking for: a web form that would build out a templated batch submission script without the user having to know what scheduler flags and arguments are used to control what, but giving more options than the current few that the job composer supports.

This is a relatively common request. Moving forward with OOD 2.0 one of the things that we are going to be looking into is making the composer more flexible so that sites can customize it more easily.


Thanks, I think that covers for what I am looking for, I guess it’s a waiting game for that feature to be available in OOD 2.0. Let me know if there is I can do to help, and test this feature at all, and get you some feedback when the time comes

BTW, Really appreciate your work on this, great open source project

Is this still on the roadmap for OOD 2.0? I didn’t see it on the Trello board, but maybe it was classified as something else. We are very much interested in being able to do ERB templating via web forms for non-interactive jobs in the job composer, similar to how it is done with interactive jobs.


Nope! But thanks for the reminder. I just opened this ticket. Feel free to give it a +1 so we can start to gauge community engagement.