Customising job composer

Hi all,

we are running ondemand 2.0 and have been focusing on interactive apps up until now.
we did quite some customisations to deal with our not-so-standard cluster setups, and also to the way eg resources are requested.

however, it looks at first sight that the job composer is a different thing altogether wrt the way the app is managed/configured.

it’s slightly worse that it is also bundled as part of ondemand, and not as a separate app; so no easy fork and hacking.

i also found an older post Job Composer Additional Fields, not sure if it is still relevant

any feedback is welcome,


Yea we’re working on a replacement for that app - looking to ship an alpha in 2.1. That discourse topic is very relevant indeed.

If you did want to fork the current job composer you could just cp -r apps/myjobs ~/ondemand/dev/my-new-jobs to copy the files to their own directory and start from that. Disable the old job composer and enable you’re new one so folks don’t get confused.

Hope that helps!

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