Batch Submit Apps - eval vs execution of

We have gone live with 2 new apps in our openondemand instance. One passenger App and one Batch Submit App.

The Batch submit app gave us grief initially due to NOT having execution permissions set on the (744) file in the template dir. We assumed that this would get evaluated by the app due to being wrapped in Ruby, however it appears it inherits the permissions of the original file.

Is there a way to dynamically change permissions on eval of the file? Or should we just assume executable permissions need to be universal for all just to be safe?

We have a workaround, (mode 755), we just want to understand what is happening and what is possible moving forward.

As always, thanks for your help!

I think you need at least 744.

The files need to be readable so that the user can copy them to their $HOME directory and executable because (the main wrapper script) will execute them.

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