Blank screens and proxy errors with Jupyter interacrive app


Users often get proxy errors and a blank white screen when they click on the blue button to start a Jupyter notebook session. It appears to be random. We use a load balancer (LBDNS unique to Stanford I think) on the login nodes of our cluster. I was wondering if you have seen this behavior before and have any suggestions. We use Dashboard version: v1.31.0

I haven’t seen this, nor have I heard any complaint like this, though we use v 1.35.0.

It’s only when they start a Juypter session? Any other interactive apps have this behavior for you?

If it’s specific to Juypter, and on startup, then I would focus on those aspects. I’m guessing there’s some thing in the connection between OOD and the websockify server on the Node that’s hosting Juypter (or it takes a bit for Juypter to boot but the connection is open and clients connect, though it’s not ready?).

If it’s sporadic I’m not really sure if there’s any easy way of dealing with it other than either network debugging and/or automating requests and recording things then.

@mpiercy were you able to figure out any more about this?

I thought we were having this issue, but rather we’ve been having Proxy Errors, and occaional issues with the job disappearing. I’m looking through the rest of discourse to see if there are any similar issues.