Branding enhancement request

Following the branding docs, setting pun_custom_env OOD_BRAND_BG_COLOR sets the menu background color for the dashboard. Two enhancements that would be helpful:

  1. Make this background color also apply to other apps that include the site title in a bar across the top (e.g. Active Jobs, Job Composer).
  2. Since an institutional/organizational branding color will often be selected for the menu background color, and some of these are mid-value colors, having the only choices for text colors be the defaults for light-on-dark (“inverse”) or dark-on-light (“default”) may be insufficient. It would be helpful to be able to select text colors for the menus.

For the first, this will be available in the 1.7 release (it is in 1.7.5 right now under latest which is running at OSC but we haven’t announced a stable release yet): (thank you Shawn Rice from Purdue ITaP)

For the second, do you have an institution or organization in mind and a desired font color that wasn’t white or black to match the brand color/logo? Having a good test case can help with these type of things.

For text colors, institutional colors are white text on #4b9cd3 bg, so the light-on-dark choice almost works. Only the hover and selected link color of #cccccc has insufficient contrast with the bg (may be OK for hover since it’s brief, but doesn’t work for selected). For this case, I would just use white for the selected (and possibly hover) link colors as well.