Adding Support Email and URL to Help Menu

I’ve added a support email and URL to /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env, per the customization documentation. But I only get a “Contact Support” link in the dashboard dropdown help menu that points to the support URL. I am using version 1.6.

Does that file look similar to

Also you will need to click “Help => Restart Web Server” to see the effect.

Yes it follows the syntax. I did restart the web server. I think I had the same issue in 1.5 as well.

Oh I misread that you were expecting the support email to appear in the dropdown. It does state that in the documentation:


And this is incorrect in that that env var is actually only currently used in one location - a register page that shows an error if you are not a registered developer. I’ll remove this line from that table in the documentation.

If you want to display a link for sending an email, one way is to modify the text on the dashboard’s homepage. You can do that and in particular Your custom yaml locale file might look like:

    welcome_html: |
      <p class="lead">OnDemand provides an integrated, single access point for all of your HPC resources.</p>
      <p>For help, <a href="https://uri/to/support">email support</a></p>

And you would get a result like:

Thanks! I’ll try the suggested method.