Simple questions about customising the dash page

I am starting to try and customise the OOD dash.

I have created a dash.yml file in /etc/ood/config/ondemand.d/ which seems to be getting read.

I have added the following:

    welcome_html: |
      <p class="lead">Test message.</p>
    motd_title: "Message of the Day"

as per the Change the Dashboard Tagline in

But when I restart the web server it still reads
“OnDemand provides an integrated, single access point for all of your HPC resources.”

Is this not where it should be changed?

I have also tried including an image in


but it is just being displayed as a small question mark, but the image is there as I am using it in the dashboard logo.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong would be helpful!

Ah, ok - had an absolute path in the footer, if I changed it to

‘/public/my_logo.png’ it now works.

Still not sure how to change the welcome message though.

Also found where to change the welcome text: