Issue with custom logo on dashboard

After installing OOD 3.1.1 update (from OOD 3.0), I noticed that our custom logo image is resized from its original dimensions fill the better part of the page width. I don’t have the dashboard_logo_height set. If I do set it to the image’s actual height, it becomes short and wide logo. I think the issue is a result of the additional class being applied to the logo image. Is there a way to disable the w-100 class from the img src?

OOD 3.0
<img src="/public/sos_elsa.png?timestamp=1708715652" alt="logo" class="py-2">

OOD 3.1.1
<img src="/public/sos_elsa.png?timestamp=1708717039" alt="logo" class="py-2 w-100">

Hey sorry for the trouble. That change was put in recently to fix some issues with logos going beyond the borders that were set, but the resize can be drastic.

Simply, no, you can’t make a config change currently to disable that, but we can put a change in if desired!

@travert I ran into this too. We aren’t using a custom logo but had stored the OnDemand logo on the server and pointed to that in our cat /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env file. After the upgrade the logo was enormous so I removed it from the env file. This restored it to use the default OOD logo in a normal size. The only issue that still remains for me is that the logo is now centered where before it was left justified. The welcome message is left justified though making it look odd. I tried using an html align=center but it didn’t change how it was justified. Do you have any suggestions for this? See screenshots
Before upgrade:

After upgrade:

SORRY! I was putting the align=center in the wrong file. For those reading in the future, don’t be dumb like me. Make sure to edit /etc/ood/config/locales/en.yml

    welcome_html: |
      <p align="center" class="lead">Open OnDemand provides an integrated, single access point for all your HPC resources.</p>

Ran into the same issue as well. Maybe a dashboard_logo_width or dashboard_logo_scale option would fix this issue?

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same here. not sure why there isn’t a scale option but would be appreciated.

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