Request to change how the custom logo on dashboard

Please see for background reference:

Issue with custom logo on dashboard

Can you please open a change request to allow for control on the width of the custom logo on the dashboard? With the 3.1.1 update, the width is set at 100%, and not allowing for control for relatively smaller images.

Thank you.

Hi there and welcome! Thanks for sharing this idea with us. Can you please submit an issue in our main GitHub repo with some more details and/or a screenshot? We are slowly starting to move our Feature requests away from Discourse and to our GitHub.
Link is here: GitHub - OSC/ondemand: Supercomputing. Seamlessly. Open, Interactive HPC Via the Web

Thank you!


Thank you. Submitted issue #3630.


Perfect, thank you! Looks like Jeff responded that we can complete this in the next release.

Thanks again for the feature request and bringing this to our attention.