Ondemand-dex front end customization

Hi Guys,
Working on v3 latest. I’m trying to configure my own logo for the top center of the login screen and nothing seems to be working, it always shows up as a broken image ref.

The file nav-logo.png is

theme: ondemand
navLogo: “/usr/share/ondemand-dex/web/themes/ondemand/nav-logo.png”
loginTitle: “Use your MSU NetID account and password to sign in to Tempest”
loginButtonText: “Sign in to Tempest OnDemand”
usernamePlaceholder: “netid”
passwordPlaceholder: “password”
loginAlertMessage: “Tempest OnDemand Version 3 Dev.”
loginAlertyType: “warning”

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Move that nav-logo to the public directory at /var/www/ood/public and reference it through the public directory.

navLogo: "/public/nav-logo.png"
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That’s what it was set to originally, I must’ve changed in somewhere along the line. Thanks, that works.


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