Open ondemand Customization - Branding

As per the documentation, to change the OOD_PUBLIC_URL, if I would place a customized favicon at /var/www/ood/public/favicon.ico, it will be accessible via (In my case that’s running locally so https://localhost:10443/public/favicon.ico), now if I access the site, I do see the customized favicon image, but somehow when this site is being used as a href, the image doesn’t show up as a favicon on the site. Attached screenshot to better explain the issue.

Hi and welcome!

My guess is is that it’s not respecting the port 10443.

If you open the network tab of the browser you’ll see the request that’s being made. I suspect that it’s not using the port 10443 and instead requesting https://localhost/public/favicon.ico (without the port).

I just filed this bug upstream for the same.

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