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Our company procides professional Engineering service for Open OnDemand , such as installation , customization and administration. We are exibiting Open OnDemand as one of our professinal services at the show, is there any regulation to use the logo ? Also we are also considering how we can help this community to expand in Japan.


Hi Katsu.

Thank you for all you are doing for OnDemand. I am going to leave this to @alanc to answer in detail.



Yes, you are welcome to utilize the Open OnDemand logo. Various versions are available here: Open OnDemand logo at gh-pages · OSC/ · GitHub

We would love any assistance you could provide in expanding the community in Japan (and other regional countries). If you have specific ideas please let me know. Happy to take this offline if you want to email me directly at

Thank you very much for your kind answers. We have close relationshiop wirh RIKEN so, we will discuss with RIKEN how we can contribute to grow the community in Japan.



In case you aren’t aware of it, we’ve had some interactions with various people at RIKEN. Here is a white paper they published recently:

Thank you for your notice.


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