Open OnDemand Usability and Administration Surveys

The Open OnDemand project team is planning to make changes to the OOD user interface and administration/installation documentation in the coming months. As a first step in this process, we need to collect information from the community regarding their concerns and opinions on the current state of these items.

We’ve partnered with the NSF funded Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) who has developed and is administering the survey process. They have created 2 very short surveys, one targeted at administrators who install and maintain Open OnDemand instances and the other targeted at end users of Open OnDemand instances.

These surveys only take a few minutes to complete. We’d appreciate it if you both complete them as appropriate and also distribute them amongst your network and community.

Open OnDemand Survey for End Users:

Open OnDemand Survey For System Administrators:


Hi Alan and OOD Crew,

Thanks for taking the time to survey the admins and users about Open OnDemand. It’s timely and hopefully will be helpful.

I submitted the admin survey and shared the other with our staff. We decided to share the survey with our users too. While gathering up the numbers for the past year, we found ~250 that submitted OnDemand jobs through SLURM to our compute nodes. But, we found ~500 aditional users tried OOD once or more and did not end up submitting a job. They could have used it to edit files or look at the queue or other non-submitting tasks. Would you like us to share the survey with just the first group or with everyone? I think it might be helpful to survey everyone since it may tell you more about what people are using OOD to accomplish.

Let me know – Susan
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

I think surveying everyone would be great. Just as you said, perhaps those users have workflows in mind they would use OOD for if OOD had certain limitations removed.