CaRCC Resarcher-Facing Track monthly call, November 14, 1pm ET

We are planning to have a call on OOD’s promotion and usage on the CaRCC monthly Resarcher-Facing Track call,

I am hoping to assemble panelists, mainly from the Advisory Group, but also anyone else who uses OOD in production and have some good ideas to share. If you do, please, reply to this message or to me personally.

Last but not least, I would love someone or all of the OSC team on the call, both in case there’s a technical/roadmap discussion, and on their experience in using OnDemand at OSC - since you are the longest users.

My goal for this call is to both show those centers that don’t use OOD yet its utility and to share among each other tips and tricks on how to make the most out of OOD.


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Wonderful to hear you all doing this! I’ll attend the call and be happy to speak if needed.

Great, thanks Alan, I’ll follow up directly later in the week.