Open OnDemand tips and tricks calls

Edit from Alan: Here is the current zoom link: Meeting Registration - Zoom

With agreement from the OOD steering committee, I would like to start organizing monthly calls about tips and tricks of OOD’s setup and usage. The idea is to have a monthly 1/2 hour call on the first Thursday of the month at 10am PT/ 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET.

The first call will be on 10/7 with topic “Create an Open OnDemand interactive app quickly from an existing template”. I’ll show some of our (University of Utah’s) growing list of OOD apps and how we set up a new one in minutes based on an existing VNC or server app. Then we can have a discussion on what other sites do to their apps and possibly grab a speaker for next time if there’s an interest in a specific solution.

Thanks and looking forward to starting sharing our OOD tricks.

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Thank you to everyone that attended yesterday’s call. It was exciting to see everyone and share our experiences.

The call document is at October 7 2021 OOD Tips&Tricks call - Google Docs.

Video from the call is at 100721.mp4 - Google Drive.

Our next call will be on Thursday 11/4 at 1pm ET.

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Our next call will be Nov 4, 2021 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT

Ping Luo of Yale University will talk about Supporting classes with CAS-enabled OOD.

Again we’ll plan for 15 minutes presentation, followed by discussion.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The registration will be valid for the next 12 meetings.

We only have 19 people registered for the upcoming call on 11/4 at 1pm ET. Since we had ~100 at our last call I encourage everyone to register so you can connect to the call in time. The call link will be provided with the registration and is valid for the next year of the meetings.

The registration link is in the previous post.

Hi, would someone please translate the title of the next session for non-Yalies?
E.g. is CAS a Yale-specific SSO system, or … ?

Thank you in advance.

While CAS originated out of Yale, it’s much more widely adopted now. Here’s the wikipedia page on it:

here is the project page:

and here is to official Github repo for it:

Much of the experience we have with OOD will be useful for non-CAS users too

We will also share how to impersonate a user in OOD

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For those who register, will recordings be available after the talks? I am interested in the series, but the time does not work for me until after this semester is over.

Yes, the recording will be available after the talks

We always link to slides / videos of our webinars / meetings on the website under the ‘webinar’ section.

Just to be clear, the Zoom coordinates are different this month. You need to click on the register link posted above to get the new ones.

Video from today’s call is at 110421.mp4 - Google Drive
Call document is at November 4 2021 OOD Tips&Tricks call - Google Docs

Thanks everyone for your participation, and special thanks to Ping for the presentation.

Our December call, on 12/2 at 1pm ET, will cover the following high ranked topic:

Containerizing the desktop (plus VNC/noVNC/websockify) and using a two container system for GUI apps.
By Ben Sandbrook, Ayush Chatur, and Bob Settlage, Virginia Tech

Please make sure to register if you haven’t already in the link higher up in this Discourse thread.

Just a reminder that at 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT today (approximately 3 hours from now), we’ll be having our monthly ‘tips and tricks’ call.

Ben Sandbrook, Ayush Chatur, and Bob Settlage, from Virginia Tech will be presenting on “Containerizing the desktop (plus VNC/noVNC/websockify) and using a two container system for GUI apps.”

Please make sure to register if you haven’t attended one of these calls previously

Our next Tips and Tricks call will be on Thursday January 6th at 1pm ET.

Title: “Sid: an alternative OOD dashboard”
Speakers: Mike Reekie, Aday Bujeda, Harvard University

Our team is tasked with support of Social Science Researchers at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. We are looking at how the experience of logging on to use interactive applications on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Cluster can be made easier.

The features will highlight in the demo are:

one-click Quick Launch buttons which launch applications
Submission of support requests from within the interface

Here is a link to a short video of the dashboard. (~5 MB)

Happy Holidays everyone.

Was the most recent talk on containerized desktops recorded? If so, can the recording be posted?

Sorry, I should have done this sooner. The December call documents and video are at December 2 2021 - Google Drive

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