Open OnDemand tips and tricks calls

A reminder that our next Tips and Tricks call will be tomorrow, Thursday January 6th at 1pm ET.

Title: “Sid: an alternative OOD dashboard”
Speakers: Mike Reekie, Aday Bujeda, Harvard University

Those who haven’t registered for the series yet, please, do so beforehand

The video and chat from the January call are at January 6 2022 - Google Drive.

In the February call, on 2/3 at 1pm ET, let us discuss a part of the most sought after topic, which is “Best practices in integrating user supplied Python and Jupyter in Open OnDemand”.

If there is anyone who would like to share their setup, please, let me (Martin) know. If there are no volunteers I will initiate the discussion with our setup that works alright for the most part, and then ask the call attendees for feedback.

As a heads up, a good follow up topic for March would be supporting R and RStudio in Open OnDemand, so, please, those who’d like to share their experience please let me know as well.

Hi Martin, I’m not sure how unique our Python/Jupyter integration is, but I’d be happy to share if that’d be beneficial.

Thanks Brandon – that’s good to know.

I’ll let you know how I get on.



Hi Martin,

We have been working on using OOD + Jupyter as part of GT’s Rogues Gallery (a post-Moore testbed with various novel architectures) to help onboard users and facilitate content delivery. At present, we’ve put in a lot of effort on the A64FX front, but the other architectures are in the pipeline. We would be more than happy to discuss the efforts and current status if so desired.


Hi Aaron,

thanks for the heads up. I am aware of the Rogues Gallery so this is interesting, though, I am not sure now widely applicable would your customizations be for the community. Can you please reply with more information on what would you want to talk about?

Hi Martin,

I think mainly we’re looking at best practices with Jupyter to help onboard new users to the architecture

One of the ways we leverage Jupyter in OOD is to deliver self-service tutorials. For example, Arm developed an excellent repo looking at compiler/library optimizations for A64FX, which we were able to build upon by encapsulating it in a stand-alone point-and-click OOD workflow that launches a notebook with the appropriate resources, reflects our local software environment, and elaborates on the tutorial content to provide an enriched learning experience. We have similar plans to author additional tutorials for this and the other RG architectures, and I can imagine this type of effort might be more broadly applicable (in fact, we’ve considered similar for the more traditional HPC work supported by PACE).

Additionally, we’ve also done (as I suspect other sites may have as well) leveraged dynamic forms to help users seamlessly integrate system-provided containerized workflows as appropriate. As a proof of concept, we’ve set up drop-in PyTorch/TF notebooks, which provides a nice springboard for users

Certainly, if these topics aren’t in line with your intent for this session, we would be more than happy to contribute to a future session and touch on how we’re utilizing OOD more broadly for the RG testbed with its various architectures – I could imagine that might be interesting in its own right, as the prevalence of post-Moore compute is becoming much more mainstream (e.g. TAMU’s ACES). If you think that such a discussion might be more appropriate, we can gladly participate in such a discussion at a future date as well.

Hi Aaron, thanks, this sounds great. Let’s have you and Brandon talking about Jupyter in February and keep in store your discussion on the RG for future calls. I think the RG would be interesting for many even if it does not provide OOD tips/tricks per se.

So, let’s plan on Aaron and Brandon talking, say max 15 min each if possible so we have some time for discussion/other sites solutions. If that’s too short just let me know.

I have created a call document, February 3 2022 call - Google Docs. Aaron/Brandon, please, take a look at it and edit the description how you feel fit. And, thanks for volunteering. Looking forward to this engaging discussion.

A reminder of the call tomorrow, 2/3 at 1pm ET. The topic is “Best practices in integrating user supplied Python and Jupyter in Open OnDemand” with two speakers, Brandon Biggs from Idaho National Laboratory and Aaron Jezghani from Georgia Tech.

Call document is at February 3 2022 call - Google Docs

Hey Martin,

Is the recording for this session available yet?


Yes, sorry for forgetting to post the recording, it’s at 020322.mp4 - Google Drive, 020322-chat.txt - Google Drive.

Martin - Is there an OOD Tips & Tricks event topic for the March 3rd call? Thanks!

Our next OOD Tips and Tricks call will be this Thursday, 3/3 at 1pm ET.

We will follow last month’s tone, focusing on “Set up and support of RStudio Server in OOD”. This includes both innovative ways to set up RStudio Server and also enabling users to either use or install R libraries.

If someone would like to share their experiences in a longer (5-10 min) manner, please, let me know. Otherwise I would appreciate, if a handful of sites that may be doing things differently than what will be presented, were ready to show us live their setup.

More information on the call is in the call doc: March 3 2022 call - Google Docs

Thank you for hosting these monthly OOD Tips & Tricks calls, Martin!

Hi Martin. When will the link to the call be posted? I don’t see it in the March 3 Google doc.

Last moment reminder of today’s call at 1pm ET. The call document is at March 3 2022 call - Google Docs

Looking forward to seeing everyone and thanks for the reminders.

Thanks to all that attended today’s call. The video and chat links are in the call doc, March 3 2022 call - Google Docs

For next month, let’s just focus on the “Resources and their limits for Open OnDemand user sessions”. I will make a survey about a week before the call to solicit feedback from sites, which we will then discuss in the call. If anyone has any particular question they would like to have answered in the survey, please, post it here.

We are cancelling the April Tips and Trick call, because the Mini Gateways conference’s OOD user group open forum is at the same time, 1pm-1:45pm ET on Thursday, April 7th. Everyone is encouraged to attend this instead.

We will have our next call on May 5th at 1pm ET.

There is also an OOD Kubernetes Tutorial from 11-12:30 on Tuesday 4/5.

To learn more about the Mini Gateways conference, see sciencegateways - Welcome.

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Help with the meeting info, please?

Ah, in haste, all is lost, most importantly comprehension.

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