Case for an "interactive desktop" directly on OOD server

I have a scenario where an OOD deployment would like to have the ability to launch an interactive desktop on the OOD server itself and not on another machine via a scheduler or linux_host adapter.

I suppose you could just point a linux_host adapter cluster config back to itself and just vnc to oneself but wondering if anyone has any better ideas?


We’ve kicked around the idea of a localhost adapter. So eventually, we’ll be able to. We’re looking to write one for testing purposes, so it’s definitely going to happen sometime.

Have you folks theorized what you would use under the hood? I may be in a scenario where I can actually work on a POC and upstream it.

No, but there’d have to be some sort of daemon. tmux comes to mind. I think I played around with bash jobs, but it didn’t work well enough.

What do you want a user to do on the node where OnDemand is running?

I’d be awfully scared that user would do something to wedge the OnDemand server and make life unpleasant for others.

Yup, you are very right and I feel the same but given a containerized and cgroup controlled sandbox to run in, I wouldn’t feel any worse than users sshing into a clusters head-node, which is also common. Also for this particular deployment, its worth the risk.

The weird reason I bring this up is that I have a need to spawn a proprietary GUI RDP app from which to connect to another machine inside the lan. Basically, filling the role of if one was to forward X over ssh to the OOD server and run the GUI app, but in this case via a browser with webrtc or something.

I mean you could vnc back to yourself but im not sure what kind of overhead that might cause