Customize form field layout


I would like to know if there is a way to customize the layout of the form fields so that we can present some fields side by side. Because of the way we charge users for resources, the help text for Num of Cores, Memory, and Num or GPUs are somewhat intertwined. For those who choose a GPU partition, cost for memory and the number of cores requested is related to the number of GPUs. We would like to present those 3 fields in one row with a single body of help text below. I have attached a figure showing how we envision the layout (help text is preliminary). I hope the attachment comes through with the message!


Hi and welcome!

Ya know, I was just lamenting having to scroll down in an app I was just developing! I think this is a very good feature indeed and I’ve filed the github issue for the same. I tend to keep track of GH issues better than discourse topics - so folks may want to follow that ticket for updates.

Thanks for the feature request! I think it’s totally doable and may make it to the next release.

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Excellent. That would be fantastic to get this feature added. Thanks so much!