Increase number of bootstrap columns in batch connect form

My batch connect job builder form is a bit thin. Is there a way for me to make it thicker? I think it’s controlled via the number of bootstrap columns, like we can do for the dashboard:

Hi, sorry but I’m not sure which form you are referring to here.

Are you using the form in the actual job composer or are you referring to the forms presented when you go to launch an interactive app like Rstudio or codeserver?

Either way, thinking on it more, there is not a way through configuration of OOD to change the form sizes.

Now, you could go in and change this on your own, but you’d have to alter those partials that are being rendered for those forms. This would be overwritten each update and would be something you’d have to keep track of.

Just so I’m sure, you want this form to appear wider?

Yes that’s the form, and yes I want it to be wider. Here’s how it looks for me:

This is with my browser window covering the left half of my 1440p screen. I see now that if I maximize the window to cover the whole screen, the form is wider. But regardless, on my “left half of screen” window size there’s lots of whitespace that I would like to be filled.