Add more information in Interactive Job status bar

Hello, I was wondering if we can add more information job status bar e.g. Memory and Partition requested?



There’s no configuration you can set to alter those. But you could go in and tinker with the source code to change what you see, as others have done before.

Those are partials that are computed in a controller so the code is a bit hard to follow though, but others have made this change and posted, unfortunately I can’t find the topics when I search. If you’re comfortable changing the source code and ensuring the changes remain through upgrades I can help point you in the right direction though.

I can tinker a bit and see where it goes. If you can share few pointers where to look for the config in source code, that would be very helpful. Thanks.

Sure thing. It’s located in a funny spot because they were setup to be helper methods, hence why the location might seem odd.

As for pointers, I don’t have much to go on. The code is trying to basically generate a bunch of html structure to pass to a view for the card, which is why the methods can get pretty long in there.

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