Report job memory allocation in "My interactive sessions". Currently only nodes and cores are reported


Section “My interactive sessions” reports nodes and cores for each of the running jobs but not memory. e.g. see where is says 1 node 5 cores and 1 node 16 cores in this screenshot: Interactive Sessions - BIH HPC Docs

For many workflows the reserved memory is even more important than the reserved cores, specially in bioinformatics. It would be a nice addition if the session card for the active sessions also reports the memory. e.g. nodes | cores | memory

This is not something critical for us but I am creating a feature request in case you find it interesting for future releases.


Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the feature request. I will add it to our “to be reviewed” queue.


Is this something you specify via the form? Why not simply add that to the view.html.erb?

Ideally it’s that simple, but in this case many pieces go into displaying that session panel. Specifically, the nodes and cores are actually calculated in a helper from the controller for the BatchConnect::Sessions which you can see here:

This helper is later called from the partial _panel.html.erb but that helper is really where all the heavy lifting is done to generate those session cards, so it requires a bit of thought to implement is all, but could be done.

Cool. Then do it if you want to.


Gerald Byrket