Dex Issue After Upgrading

I recently updated our OnDemand install from version 2.0.31 to 2.0.32. After the upgrade, ondemand-dex now refuses to start with the following error:
failed to initialize storage: failed to perform migrations: migration 9 statement 1 failed: attempt to write a readonly database

I’m not sure what has happened as the upgrade from 2.0.28 to 2.0.31 seemed to complete without issue.

Seems like dex didn’t shut down correctly? Do you use LDAP or have users in that database?

I’d bet if you use LDAP, you can backup and remove that database file and it should come back up. If dex is backed up by LDAP, it may just keep temporary things in that database like sessions, which since you’ve bounced aren’t valid anymore anyhow.


We do use LDAP. Where would I find this temporary database file?

/etc/ood/config/dex I believe. Could just be /etc/ood/dex. Look for a file with the .db extension.


Removing the database file has resolved the issue. Thank you so much!

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