Ondemand-dex do I need to install and configure a mysql database?


I have an error with the ondemand-dex service that I think indicates that I need to tell ondemand-dex where to write its state to a database?

failed to initialize storage: failed to perform migrations: creating migration table: unable to open database file: no such file or directory

Where do I need to configure ondemand-dex to tell it what database to use? Is this in the ondemand-dex documentation, or should I be reading up on dex itself?

That is odd. You shouldn’t need to install or setup a DB by hand while doing any of this.

What step of the install were you at when you saw this error message? What OS and OOD version are you on?

OOD version 3.0.1

RHEL 8.8

Sounds like it’s having issues with the directory itself. What are the permissons on

If I’m reading this correctly, the directory /etc/ood/config/dex should be 700 ondemand-dex:ondemand-dex.

Maybe there’s some SELinux issue? Can you check in /var/log/audit?

Hi Jeff,

Interestingly, I don’t have a dex directory at that path at all. I am pretty sure I installed ondemand-dex according to the documentation… but its been a few weeks since I did this. I am going to test creating an empty directory there with the 0700 permissions and see if that helps.

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