Dex - ldap: invalid password for user error

I’m have a mostly successful dex configuration working, but for some reason the password portion is not working.

level=info msg=“performing ldap search xxx sub (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=myname))”
time=“2021-10-25T13:26:07Z” level=info msg=“username “myname” mapped to ldap-user”
time=“2021-10-25T13:26:07Z” level=error msg="ldap: invalid password for user “ldap-user”

I believe this may due to the fact that the ldap server we are querying is one set up in front of AD which adds some special fields for our setup, but may not include the passwords.

Any help would be appreciated!

Not sure. What do the logs on the LDAP server say? If it’s an intermediary, it may have a log entry for the same failure.

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