Disabling built-in interactive apps

Continuing the discussion from Any way to disable or shadow builtin apps (bc_desktop)?:

Is there a better way to disable a default interactive app, other than changing permissions on RPM-provided directories? Modifying /var/www/ood/apps/sys/ doesn’t seem like a very clean nor very robust approach. Wouldn’t it be better to allow local customization in /etc/ood to allow completely disabling apps?

Hey, thanks for the question.

Currently that is still the way you would need to manage those default apps from displaying.

That said, you are correct in that it isn’t very robust because on each upgrade you will have to change those perms, which we realize is not ideal. Increasing granular customization like this is something we are putting work into and this is one of the things which will be added to that list.

There is now an associated GitHub issue specifically around this question:

Thanks for bringing this up! Please let us know if you have anymore questions or input.

Sounds great, thank you very much Travis!