Disk Quota Warnings for user groups on Dashboard


I would like to know if Open OnDemand supports disk quota warnings on Dashboard for user groups. If so, could you please give me a procedure on how to implement this? My Open OnDemand version is v3.0.1. Thanks

I suppose it depends on how you implement it. For us, our storage providers give us data on the directory (say our group project directory) based on the users. You could do something similar, (collect the information on the project directory) and just display the same information for all users.

It really depends on your storage devices. Some have these utilities some don’t. We use a combination of what’s provided to us and something we wrote (that we haven’t open sourced yet because it’s a bit specific to our environment).

The documentation holds the expected schema. But I would imagine you need a little bit of tooling to extract the information from your storage devices (whatever they may be) and output them into the correct json.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your prompt replies. I have tried to configure group quota warning in Open OnDemand as follows:-

  1. I have applied the group quota for a group “prj_a”
    beegfs-ctl --getquota --gid prj_a
    Quota information for storage pool Default (ID: 1):

    user/group || size || chunk files
    name | id || used | hard || used | hard
    prj_a| 5000|| 13.45 GiB| 100.00 GiB|| 23|unlimited

  2. I have a project folder “/proj/prj_a” for the group “prj_a” only

drwxrws— 6 root prj_a 4 Nov 21 14:13 prj_a

  1. Then, I created a xml file (groupquotawarn.json) on the Open OnDemand server for the group quota as follows:-
    “quotas”: [
    “block_limit”: 104857600
    “block_usage”: 14103347,
    “file_limit”: “unlimited”,
    “file_usage”: 23,
    “path”: “/proj/prj_a”,
    “total_block_usage”: 14103347,
    “total_file_usage”: 23,
    “type”: “fileset”,
    “project”: “prj_a”
    “timestamp”: 1621446301,
    “version”: 1

  2. I modified the env file (/etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env) as follows:-

However, I can’t see the group quota warning on the dashboard after logging in using the account that belongs to the member in the user group “prj_a”? Could you please tell me what’s wrong for the configuration? The version of Open OnDemand is 3.0.1. Many thanks

I’ll have to take a look into it.

I’ve found 2 things. First is that you have invalid JSON. The very first entry, block_limit needs a comma , at the end.

The second is that we are very user centric, so you have to supply a username. So for prj_a duplicate the record for every single user.

After that I was able to get this to work (I’m johrstrom and PZS0714 is the project directory I’m looking at here).

  "quotas": [
          "block_limit": 104857600,
          "block_usage": 14103347,
          "file_limit": "unlimited",
          "file_usage": 23,
          "path": "/users/PZS0714",
          "total_block_usage": 14103347,
          "total_file_usage": 23,
          "type": "fileset",
          "user": "johrstrom",
          "project": "PZS0714"
  "timestamp": 1621446301,
  "version": 1