Disk Quota Warnings on Dashboard on Open OnDemand 3.0.1

Hi Support,

For my scenario, I used BeeGFS quota in my environment. After I have read the document (Customizations — Open OnDemand 3.0.0 documentation), I’m still not understand the disk quota warning setting. How to convert the BeeGFS disk usage to JSON file that Open OnDemand can recognize? Also, I have listed the following steps for the configuration, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Get the beegfs quota usage for users and convert the usage to JSON file.
    beegfs-ctl --getquota --uid --all
    user/group || size || chunk files
    name | id || used | hard || used | hard
    user1| 1001|| 882.18 MiB| 50.00 GiB|| 16797|unlimited
    user2| 50001|| 45.37 GiB| 100.00 GiB|| 315564|unlimited

JSON file (/path/to/quota.json)
name: user1
id: 1001
size: 925036544
hard: 53687091200
files: 16797
hard: unlimited

name: user2
id: 50001
size: 48719523840
hard: 107374182400
files: 315564
hard: unlimited

  1. Edit file (/etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env)


Here’s a file with one single quota in it, hopefully that’ll help fit what you have into what we expect.

  "quotas": [
      "block_limit": 5368709120,
      "block_usage": 531392,
      "file_limit": 2000000,
      "file_usage": 14,
      "path": "/fs/ess/PZS0714",
      "total_block_usage": 68227584,
      "total_file_usage": 297652,
      "type": "fileset",
      "user": "johrstrom"
  "timestamp": 1621446301, 
  "version": 1

Hi Jeff,

It works. And, I would like to know if there is any program or script available to efficiently convert the quota usage of multiple users into the JSON file format. Thanks for your help.

I asked my ops team about how we do this and here is their response:

For GPFS we run mmrepquota which is GPFS tool and then 
we shove that data into JSON.  For NetApp we use their Python 
SDK to talk to NetApp API to pull out quota data then shove the data into JSON.

These utilities are closed source at the moment, but I’ve just now asked them what it would take to open source them. We should do it at some point - but it’s unlikely to be anytime soon (especially for netapp as we use the XML API which doesn’t exist at al in newer versions).

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