DOCS for setting up ood to use SAML or CAS?

We’ve been told we cannot use ldap authentication and preferably to use SAML. CAS at a minimum. Are there any docs on setting up with SAML or CAS that I can access?

It appears that cas support needs mod_perl and our CAS implementation on campus which we will be using definately uses mod_perl. Any recommendations for installing that? Local and LDAP based authentication does not meet modern security models as per our security team. CAS or SAML is much better. We need that support and require documentation on setting it up. During a video conference we were told that CAS and SAML are supported.

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Please take a look at and

If you need any more guidance I can reach out to sites I know that use CAS and see if they can post here.

Also whatever Apache module you use will need to be installed for the Software Collections Apache, not the system Apache (thus Apache installed at /opt/rh/httpd24/)

Is there a mod_perl for that installation?